Oğuz Kaan Yüksel

Oğuz Kaan Yüksel

M.Sc. student



I am a M.Sc. student in Data Science and Mathematics (Minor) at EPFL. Currently, I am an assistant student for Machine Learning CS-433 and working on low-rank matrix completion under supervision of Nicolas Boumal. I did my semester project on latent-space perturbations at MLO Lab, advised by Tatjana Chavdarova and Sebastian U. Stich.

Previously, I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and Mathematics at Boğaziçi University, where I worked on adversarial robustness and orthogonality in neural networks, advised by İnci M. Baytaş. I also worked on normalizing flows and unsupervised discovery of control for GANs, advised by Pınar Yanardağ.

  • Adversarial robustness
  • Normalizing flows
  • Riemannian optimization
  • MSc in Data Science, 2020-2022

    École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

  • BSc in Computer Engineering & Mathematics, 2015-2020

    Boğaziçi University

Recent Publications

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(2021). Semantic Perturbations with Normalizing Flows for Improved Generalization. INNF+ Workshop, ICML.

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(2021). [Re] Can gradient clipping mitigate label noise?. ReScience C.

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(2020). Adversarial Training with Orthogonal Regularization. SIU.

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